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The perfect space for you and your cars

When we made plans for Gearspace and looked at who we would want to be part of this community, accommodating many of the unique needs for car enthusiasts was a priority.  Based on firsthand experiences as well as those of friends and colleagues who were avid car collectors, we gathered a long list of requirements.  When we spoke to owners at similar developments we sought out their feedback on what was missing and what we needed to incorporate.

Starting with the property itself, we invested heavily in the engineering of the drive areas to prevent bottoming out and to ensure gradual transitions in elevation, avoiding vehicle damage.  Roadways within the development are wide (50 feet) and made of concrete.  Additionally, we wanted to make sure that there were performance car shops that were within a reasonable proximity of Gearspace. Finally, we feel our location, at the Gateway to Hill Country, is both a great escape and the perfect starting point for scenic, fun drives.

The buildings were also designed with cars (and many other vehicles) in mind. Each unit has a wide (and tall) 14×14 foot garage door for easy access.  The mezzanines provide 12 feet of clearance to allow for lift placement underneath.  The entire interior area has heating and cooling, allowing for a comfortable environment year round for people while protecting your investments in vehicles. Whether you have 1 car or 10, we have a range of unit sizes to accommodate a broad array of needs.  And, if you have a need for even more space, we have the flexibility to combine individual units to accommodate the largest collections.

In addition to your owned, private space which you can finish out to your specifications, we have several community spaces which are available for your use and enjoyment.  The Clubhouse is outfitted with bathrooms and showers, should you decide not put those amenities into your own space.  Additionally, there are various gathering areas, including a rooftop terrace where you can connect with fellow collectors and enthusiasts. Adjacent to the clubhouse is a community wash area, where you are free to wash your vehicles.  This will reduce the amount of water running into the public drive areas, decreasing the risk of unwanted dirt and water from collecting on your freshly cleaned vehicle as you drive through Gearspace.

In speaking with some of our most passionate car friends, one bit of feedback we received was particularly encouraging and consistent with our philosophy for the community.  Having a place to store and work on your cars with fellow enthusiasts is a lot more enjoyable than simply storing them in a warehouse or even in your own garage at home. Meeting people who share your passion, who appreciate what you have acquired and cared for, who can give you advice or benefit from your experiences, significantly enhances your ownership experience.

After an exhilarating morning drive, we are certain that when you park your car in your Gearspace, you will appreciate what we have put into all this and will have found the key to your passion in more ways than one.

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