Got questions?

We’ve got answers (and a really good spot for your gear).

Wondering what a gearspace is? Need more details on what you can store in your unit? Curious about things like insurance and HOAs? We’ve got all the answers to that (and more) below.

What are garage condos?

The real question is, what aren’t garage condos? Your Gearspace unit can be whatever you want it to be. Create a space to collect and restore vintage cars. Call it your new “dock” and store your boat and jet ski. Make it a personal office. Build yourself a studio for painting, photography, or ceramics. The options are endless. In fact, the only things you can’t do with your garage condo is live in it or run a business that disturbs other community members through traffic, noise, etc.

Where is Gearspace located?

Gearspace garage condos are available in Hays County, between Austin and Dripping Springs, Texas, on Fitzhugh Road.

What can I store in my garage condo?

The answer above will give you a good idea of what you can store in your garage condo. Cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, studio equipment, gym sets, the list goes on and on. That said, our lawyers told us we also have to mention that you can’t use your condo to store explosives, noxious/dangerous chemicals, and the like. Please refer to our member agreement.

What size units are available?

Gearspace units come in a range of sizes. Our base units start at 30 feet wide by 35 feet deep and include a 550 square foot mezzanine, for a total square footage of 1,575 feet. Our largest units start at 37 feet wide by 60 feet deep with a 680 square foot mezzanine, for a total area of nearly 2,900 square feet, in addition to a 525 square foot rooftop terrace. Units can be combined to expand total square footage.

All units come standard with a 14’x14’ foot garage door with windows and a mezzanine with 12’ clearance underneath, tall enough for car lifts and many RVs. Ceiling heights vary depending on the unit.

How is the unit provided to me?

All units will have drywall, lighting, mezzanine with staircase, and HVAC. Water and sewer stubs are also provided to each unit. They can be used as-is or finished out to your specifications by a contractor of your choosing.

How much do Gearspace garage condos cost?

Pricing is still being finalized. Please reach out to us for the latest information.

Can I add options or amenities to my unit?

Absolutely. We provide a finished, usable shell that you can use as-is or modify as needed. Owners have great flexibility in customizing the interior of their units to meet their unique needs and exacting standards. Whether it’s adding a minibar or a bathroom, our units are a blank canvas for your personal design choices.

Is there an HOA?

To protect your investment, there is an association agreement which regulates the use and activity of member owners. Ask our selling representatives for a copy.

Do I need to get insurance for my unit?

Yes. The association will carry insurance on the buildings and each owner will be responsible for the interior and contents of their units.

What amenities are included at Gearspace?

Gearspace amenities include a clubhouse with restrooms and showers, rooftop balcony, and meeting space. Additionally, there is a common area adjacent to the clubhouse which incorporates a wash station for cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc. This area can also be used for outdoor entertaining when not used for washing vehicles.