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Who Needs A Garage Condo?

Photo of GearSpace condo

Two years ago I was looking to buy an RV for my wife and I to travel with our dog to parks across the U.S. and Canada. Never having owned an RV before, I tried to learn as much as I could about what that would be like. One issue that came up was where and how to store an RV, so I began researching storage options, since my home could not accommodate one. Most of the options were pretty dismal – a crowded outdoor parking lot, an outdoor-accessible storage unit, an RV park, etc. In addition to being less than awesome locations, most spaces were at capacity and not cheap. Then I found out about garage condos. These, on the other hand, looked pretty awesome so I decided to check one out to see if it would work for my purposes. I was pleased to see how functional and fun they were. Many were occupied by car enthusiasts, but others included boaters, RVers, motorcyclists, and more. Others served as home offices and housed some small businesses. The common denominator for all of them, though, was the need for a flexible space that they could outfit the way they wanted in a place they were comfortable spending time. I was sold.

And then COVID came and changed up my plans, as it did for many others. With travel shutting down, people were now living, working and schooling at home full time. Despite not yet having an RV, I wished I had a garage condo to escape to, but they were either sold out or still under construction. The utility of this flexible space to be used by a wide community of various enthusiasts and work-at-home types became even clearer and more appealing. Not only could I store my RV there, I could take calls, get away for a bit, and hang out in my space. I started sharing this concept with some of my friends, and they were as enthusiastic about it as I was. And Gearspace was launched.

Gearspace is a development of customizable garage spaces to allow you to pursue your passions. Whether it’s working on the engine of your Porsche 959, prepping your MasterCraft for a day on the lake, or finishing a drawing in your private art studio, you can find and customize a space here to fulfill your vision. We have designed Gearspace to actually be a place where you want to spend time, locating it in the start of Texas hill country, where we have both a scenic location and one that is in close proximity to various venues like wineries, breweries, and restaurants on and near Fitzhugh Road. And, to accommodate a broad range of uses, we have various sizes, styles and amenities, including rooftop terraces on select units to take in hill country vistas. We have taken care to make sure that the location has wide, level concrete drives that make it easy to drive your performance car, or your street bike. We even have a place to wash your vehicles, right next to our owners’ clubhouse where you can meet up with fellow enthusiasts.

We hope you are as excited about the prospect of owning at Gearspace as we are about launching it. If you have questions and want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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